Unearthing Venus – About the Book

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Unearthing Venus is a compelling, often humorous story of a woman raised in a hard competitive world, necessarily ignorant of her own feminine virtues and innate worth as a woman. Leaving network television she begins a long inner and outer journey questioning cultural and religious values—a journey that takes her from her “great condo” in Atlanta to a primitive cabin in the north Georgia mountains. Returning to the world to work as a newspaper reporter, she moves to the Pacific Northwest where a chance interview with a shaman changes everything, sending her on an 11-year quest to find the answer to one burning question: What is woman’s power?

Cate’s struggle to unearth a genuine answer and restore the missing feminine half of her being takes her on a deeply revealing, sometimes terrifying quest. Leaving her comfortable home in Washington State she journeys into the camps of Ayahuasceros deep in the Amazon River jungles of Peru and Ecuador, up staggering peaks in the Andes and into temples of the long-forgotten Goddess in southern India. What answers did she discover? Read and find out!